‚ÄčWelcome to BlueView Greenhouse. Our business began with our love of plants, gardening and a small, homemade window box cold frame to start our own vegetable seeds in. My wife, Leah and I,(Jay)  both grew up with large gardens in our familys that preserved the vegetables and fruit that we ate throughout the year. Our family still carries this tradition today with our great greenhouse helpers; Jessica, Billie Joy, and Elizabeth,  a.k.a. JoJo , and our little bear a.k.a. Barrett.

   I would like to give so much thanks to my wife, Dad(Paul) and Mom(Barb) for all of their hard work and long hours helping us at the greenhouse year after year. Whether it is to play with and entertain the kiddos, mix soil and fill pots, make sure meals are made for the hungry helpers or help plant, they have been there. Thank you also to our families and friends for your help and encouragement over our years of growing.

   All of our gorgeous, unique hanging baskets, annuals, veggies, and herbs are grown here, by us. As you can see in some of the above photos, we receive trays with thousands  of small plugs around the first week of March and create the correct combination of plant variety and color. From there, we grow them with lots and lots of T.L.C. to perfection until our customers come and find a new home for them.

  Most all of our veggies and herbs are grown from seed by us. The planting process starts with filling 288 size plug trays with germinating media. Then, each of the kids,(and Mom and Dad) get an empty tray  and drop 1 seed in at a time. After all the varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, melon, cucumber, and herbs have been planted, it's time to germinate. Thermostatically controlled commercial grade heat mats are used to speed up and improve germination.  In the previous years we stacked the trays on and around our wood pellet stove in the living room. My wife is very excited to not have the living room turn into a germination chamber for a month out of the year!  Once the seedlings are the correct age, we transplant and finish them in their final container size.

    We're always adding new varieties and trialing them to give our feedback on how they perform. Thank you for supporting our family, The Margans

Our business truly is family owned and operated.

Here's a small slideshow of our hanging baskets growing progression which starts the first week of March every year.                 

Making Rice Lake, WI and the surrounding area beautiful one flower at a time!